Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I made this for Sami's headbands and hair clips. I just got an unfinished wood frame from the craft store and painted it. Then glued strips of 1" ribbon to the back. I wanted to decorate it up a bit so I found a matching polka dot ribbon that I glued around the frame and put cute buttons to dress up the corners and hide the ends of the ribbon. For the pegs I got unfinished wooden pegs from the craft store and drilled holes in the frame and attached them with wood glue. I Love it!! I hung it in her room by the light switch so I could easily grab a clip. I would look cute in the bathroom too.

Clean fun puffy paint for kids

If you have never tried this you should. Easy, fun and inexpensive art project for kids. All you need is cheap shaving cream, Elmer's glue and paper. You can use food coloring to make different colors if you want. Just mix one part glue to one part shaving cream and that's it. You can use plastic knives or popsicle sticks or even fingers to paint with. It washes off very easily and has a fresh clean scent. I have never colored it, the kids have fun with white so why bother :) We make snow men, ghosts, bunnies etc. When it's dry it is soft and puffy, so cool!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What it's all about

This blog is going to be all about things I like, and things I want to share. Hopefully you will find something you like too. My first post will be later today or tomorrow when I have all the pictures ready. Enjoy!